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onlinecoupons Here’s A Bucket Full Of E cigarette Coupons For You

Hello readers! Today we are giving away a bucket full of E-cigarette coupons for all of you. We know all you smokers would enjoy it so take advantage and use them today. Enjoy!

Electronic cigarettes are one of the most sought out products online. This is because most great products and brands can be bought only online (with the exemption of Blu ecigs which are available in gasoline stations, groceries, supermarkets all over the US). We are a fan of this electronic device as it helps people quit smoking by giving them an alternative that can still give them the same taste and feeling of smoking without any of traditional cigarettes harmful chemicals. So we’ve search around the web and have gather the best Electronic cigarette coupon code for you. All of these coupons can be use multiple times or as many times as you want to. Simply copy and paste them to the coupon code field before you checkout in the ecig website you are purchasing in. You will then get instant discount. As much as 50% off if you know how to mix and match your coupon codes.

Note: We only chose the best Electronic cigarette coupon codes from the best E-cig brands around. So you are sure that you didnt sacrifice quality because of the discounted price. coupon
V2 cigs is hailed as the best E-cig brand around providing vapers with high quality E-cigarettes with great flavors (that is said to taste like real cigarettes eg V2 Red tastes like Marlboro Red), thick vapor production, money back guarantee, lifetime warranty and transparency on batch testing result. V2 cigs also have the best ecig starter kits around.

NYE Promo Code: Save 40% Off NYE Kit Using The Code: CHIMNEY
Take 30% Off Ultimate Starter Kit Using The Code: SUMO15
10% OFF V2 Cigs All Items using the code SUMO
Take 20%-50% OFF V2 Clearance Items using the code SUMO
30% Off E-Liquid ($27.52 Savings) using the code SUMO
20% Off All Accessories using the code SUMO
Take 15% Off ALL Starter Kits! using the code CHIMNEY coupon
Blu cigs is no doubt the most popular E-cigarette brand around. With its witty marketing ways, unmatched flavors and the new Blu cig social feature (which lets the Blu cig pack vibrates whenever another Blucig user is around 50 meters or less), it is no wonder why even celebrities are going gaga for it. Blu cigs also have the best disposable ecigs around. Use these blu ecigarette coupon for 10% off or up to 25% off discount in your products.

Save 5% Off All Starter Kits from Blu Cigs using the code ECIGS365
Get $5 Off Resolution Solution Kit + Earn 350 Points using the code ECIGS365
20% Cartridges + Free Shipping if you buy 4 packs of cartridges

Green smoke cigs coupon codes
Green smoke are known as the ecig brand with the thickest vapor production and perfect throat hit that replicates perfectly the smoking experience you get with real cigarettes. Green smoke is one of the first Ecig brands ever established too.

Save 10-15% OFF All Items No minimums, free USA shipping using the code SUMO
10% OFF all orders over $100 using the code DISC10-29928
5% off all orders under $100 using the code DISC5-29928 coupon
Halo cigs are one of the newest yet most powerful E-cig brand around. With its vast collection of delicious flavors and colorful battery styles, you will not be dissapointed.

20% Off G6 Mini-Tanks for Halo using the code TRYTANKS
Get 5% Off All Items from Halo using the code SUMO coupon
Vapro couture is the sister company of V2 cigs and an exclusive brand made only for the ladies. With sophisticated designs, feminine flavors and the sexiest accessories, its no wonder why ladies would get in line for it. Its fashion and smoking in the best way.

15% OFF Vapor Couture Starter Kits using the code SUMO15
10% OFF Vapor Couture All Items using the code SUMO
Take 25% Off Deluxe Kit ($23.50 Savings) using the code SUMO
Take 25% Off Essentials Kit ($15.27 Savings) using the code SUMO

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An Infographic About Electronic Cigarettes

ecigsinfographics2 An Infographic About Electronic Cigarettes
A study of 657 smokers found that e-cigarettes work as well as nicotine patches to help people quit smoking.

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Pointers On How To Buy the Best E-Cigs

This week, found some amazing E-cigarette coupons for all you smokers out there. We’ve got 50% off coupons from V2 cigs, 10% off coupons and free delivery from Blu Cigs and $10 off from South Beach E-cigs.

If you are a serial smoker, do yourself a favor this Christmas and switch to E-cigs, it would change your life for the better and make you healthier. On the same note, if you know someone who smokes a lot, give E-cigs as a gift. it’s the best gift they’ll ever receive and you are even be saving their lives by giving E-cigs. But what to buy? you may ask. Let us help you with that. Here are some factors to consider to choose the best E-cigs:

E-Cig Batteries
A great E-cigarette should have a long battery life. Like around 100 puffs and more before the battery went down. If an electronic product cannot keep its charge long enough or the battery only gives 100 puffs, that could be a bit of maintenance. The battery should also be light weight because it is going to be hard to smoke it if it’s heavy.

Charging Accessories
Most E-cigs kits come with different charging accessories such as wall charger, car charger and USB charger. But it would also be better if your E-cig would have a ready-to-go charger like Blu Cigs charger case. You’ll never know when you’ll going to need it.

Starter Kits
Just about every E-cigs company creates a starter kit. This basically have everything you need to get started in a more affordable price. Kits usually come with a number of flavor cartridges, a USB adaptor, wall charger, and one or two batteries. Every company makes this different in some way and of course, there are better ones. Some of my favorites are V2 and South beach starter kits which offer 2 batteries, extra cartridge refills and an option to try their Power Cigs.

Cartridges Flavors and Nicotine
And the most important factor are the flavors and nicotine strength that E-cigs can offer. Which brand taste close like a real cigarette? Which brand flavors sucks? Each manufacturer carries at least two, possibly as many as four types of tobacco. Menthol is also a typical option. Blu cigs offer around 8 great juice flavors too such as cherry, peach, pina colada, passion fruit, and grape. V2 cigs have their popular V2 Red flavor which taste so much like Marlboro Red and their Congress flavors made to taste like the tobacco that most Government officials use.

Regarding nicotine flavors and strength E-cig companies have Nicotine ranges from 0% to 4.5%.  Some brands allow you to customize it. You can start from high Nicotine strengths then lower it every time so you can finally quit smoking nicotine.

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